There Is An Elephant In The Room.

Ever hear that? It means there is an obvious problem, one that everyone can see, but no one wants to talk about.

Mental and Psychological struggles are that "hidden" elephant -- they affect your ability to work a 40 hour work week; they affect your ability to stay on task. Mental and psychological issues --alone-- can make you disabled. But oftentimes people do not want to talk about their hidden struggles. Making it even worse, a doctor can't see these severe impairments on a blood test or x-ray, or feel them with their hands -- but we both know mental illness is real. And, for whatever reason, our culture makes it a taboo to openly talk about.

The reality is, when our bodies begin to fail, we are often scared and embarrassed - it hurts physically, and takes a toll mentally. And, many of our brothers and sisters, even without physical aches and pains, are quietly suffering disabling mental illness, alone.

The best we have to help is your family doctor and other mental health professionals. Most of these professionals are in that field because they sincerely want to help you deal with the horrible problems caused by mental health struggles. 

I routinely win disability benefits for people battling depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and similar problems.  The key is to help these folks find a professional mental health doctor or therapist they can openly and honestly talk with. The law requires Social Security Judges to acknowledge the opinions of these treating professionals, and I know how to hold them to it.

One thing we all share is our humanity. . . hey, I've got a belly button too, I am a fellow human. If you sign up with me, I promise to take all the time needed to confidentially learn about all your issues, and help point you in the right direction to help with any personal struggles. I want you to get all the help you need, and I want to maximize your chances to win disability benefits that will bring some needed stability to you and your family.