Yes.  I can always make out a case for disability. The main key to focus on is whether or not in your earlier case that judge got the full picture of your struggles.

This is because on the second time around, the law requires the second judge to refer to the reasoning of your old unfavorable decision. I've had success gently pointing out that the old unfavorable decision really did not capture a disabled person's troubles correctly. This could be because you tried to represent yourself, or the person helping you in your old case was ineffective, or something as simple as your prior judge was having a bad day. . . (they are humans too, just like you and me).

I've also successfully argued on the second or third time around that your conditions are leaving you worse off now. (The hard truth is that injured bodies usually get worse, not better, over time).

And, often overlooked in many people's cases is the impact of anxiety and depression. Sometimes people with physical disabilities are also quietly struggling alone with mental impairments too. For many of us, mental illness is a taboo subject to talk about, especially with strangers.